Quantity Surveying Africa


The company offers the following quantity surveying, cost control and fnancial management services:


  • Preparation of financial viability studies and analysis of various design considerations
  • Preparation of cost estimates and base cost planning from sketch designs
  • Detailed design monitoring in relation to the accepted schematic and cost plan, in order to set an allowable expenditure budget
  • Contract documentation involving drawing up of conditions of contract, tendering schedules for calling upon various tenderers, adjudication of tenders and assistance with the appointment of contractors and various sub-contractors. All aspects of specialist documentation including where necessary, the procurement of materials
  • Detailed services include:
  • Detailed elemental cost estimates
  • Conceptual project financial viability investigation
  • Site identification and residual land value analysis
  • Preparation of base cost plans
  • Developers’ feasibility studies
  • Cash flow forecasts
  • Assisting in project finance arrangements and negotiations
  • Evaluation of project finance options
  • Life cycle costing
  • Pre-tender interviews with selected contractors
  • Contract strategy development
  • Insurances and warranties advice
  • Tender enquiry document preparation
  • Commercial tender adjudications
  • Preparation of contract documents


  • Progressive cost control and monitoring design developments during the construction phase including measuring, calling upon tenders for variations and continual costing and reporting on variations, budget levels and drawing up of cash flows
  • Detailed services include:
  • Financial control of project from inspection to completion
  • Financial reporting regarding authorised and contract values
  • Analysis of financial effects of changes and variations on the authorised budget
  • Design and construction variation cost control and reporting
  • As built site measurements
  • Final account settlements
  • Contract claim negotiations
  • Detailed life cycle costing
  • Tax depreciation schedules

To ensure optimum client compatibility and comprehensiveness, all our cost reports and presentations are individually tailored to suit each specific owner, project manager, architect, engineer, developer and leasing professional.

Complimentary to traditional quantity surveying services, the company also offers the following specialised services:

  • Contractual advice
  • Minimisation of the risk of contractual claims through the selection of the most suitable procurement system for the envisaged work. The clients’ objectives are analysed, to provide the most cost effective and risk free procurement route to follow, when considering terms of scope, cost, time and quality
  • Financial audits
  • Projects are sometimes negotiated with a grouping of “in-house” companies and placed on a cost reimbursable basis. Projects also often extend their predefined contractual and budget limits, invariably where cost control procedures are inadequate. The project or financial audit provides a report on the contractual efficiencies, contractors’ and consultants’ performances, as well as their accountability and professional integrity
  • Claims advice
  • Disputes often arise from the interpretation of contractual documents and related events. We provide a financial analysis of claim issues, including the preparation of expert opinion of the contractual claims
  • Life cycle costing
  • Life cycle costing aims to identify the most efficient design option, when considered over the functional life of the capital asset
  • Risk management
  • Risk management techniques consider all the potential adverse conditions, which may affect the construction process. The planned avoidance or transfer of risk ensures that the developers’ anticipated return is achieved
  • Property valuations
  • Commercial, Industrial and Residential property evaluation and replacement value calculations


  • Asset data collection with a focus on refurbishment, archiving of existing building elements, materials and redecoration schedules. Planned and preventative maintenance schedules
  • The company has experience with various Facilities Management companies specialising in the introduction of systems and procedures, to enable effective asset management, including cost control and real-time reporting procedures. This is achieved through the use of up-to-date computer software and continued skills enhancement of both own personnel and the user-client
  • Specialised services include:
  • Building and maintenance management
  • Relocation management
  • Security management
  • Plant and equipment management
  • Furniture management
  • Lease and space management

Quantity Surveying Africa offers a choice of forms of contract and the form best suited to the client will be used. Joint Building Contracts Committee 2000 Series Agreement also known as JBCC, Joint Building Contracts Committee 2000 Series Housing and Minor Works, Agreement and Schedule of Conditions of Building Contract, also known as White Form, General Conditions of Contract Agreement for Civil Engineering Contracts also known as The Blue Book, Engineering & Construction Contract, also known as NEC3 and Fidic International Construction Agreement, also known as FIDIC. As required we will adapt to any form of client based contract, like state enterprise form of contracts, government form of contracts and organisation based form of contracts.

The company carries indemnity insurance blanket cover of R10,000,000.00 renewable on an annual basis.

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